Discover a few african recipes you will love

African food
24.12 2018
Photo Discover a few african recipes you will love

Africa attracts million annual visitors from all other continents of the globe. This is due to those many African countries that allow tourists to discover a wide range of beautiful attractions and many interesting activities that they offer. In addition, African countries also have their specific culinary arts that you can discover while taking a tour in this great continent.

A few African recipes that you will love

  • Meatballs of Madagascar

One of the commonest recipes that you can find in almost all restaurants of Madagascar is meatball. The food is good for the eyes and it is also really appetizing for the tongue. The food is mainly made of minced meat made into balls. It can be seasoned with other ingredients and spices to adjust the flavor and make the food smell good. Malagasy people often serve it with a bowl of rice, juice or vegetables.

  • Pap en vleis of South Africa

This is a popular cultural recipe in South Africa. It is often prepared while gathering with family or friends at nights during a special event or just for having fun together. The food is made with the combination of stewed meat, starch, and spicy sauce, cooked in open fire. It is often served with beer, wine, or other beverages.

  • Jollof rice in Nigeria

It is one of the best foods that you should not miss to taste when traveling in Nigeria. It is considered as a native recipe of this country according to local people. The food has specific flavor and looks very appetizing. Jollof rice is made with the combination of rice, tomatoes, large onions, Maggi stock cubes, bay leaves, peppers and spices in your preference. It can be eaten for lunch or dinner with some beverage.

  • Muamba de Galinha of Angola

Muamba de Galinha is a heritage recipe from Portuguese and considered as among the culture of Angola. This recipe is so spicy and oily. It also looks very appetizing thanks to the colorful ingredients that are used in it. Chicken, garlic, okra, chili and palm butter are among the main ingredients to make the food. Many visitors are really interested in this food. It is also very common on Angolan restaurants.

  • Smoked Fish Salad of Seychelles

This Seychellois recipe is really appreciated by visitors when spending time in a restaurant. Seychelles' islands have a lot of fish thanks to the large sea area that surrounds them. Consequently, they are used to smoking the fish in order to keep it for the later cooking. The smoked fish salad encompasses smoked fish with darker meat, flavored with a variety of vegetables and unripe fruits like mango or papaya. This is a very excellent recipe that you should try once when traveling in Seychelles.

Discovering Africa and its best recipes

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