Best meals in European cities

Photo Best meals in European cities

If you are the kind of person willing to travel the world to taste unique culinary specialties, a visit to Europe is a must for you. In terms of culinary delights, the old continent has many and is sure to wake up your taste buds. We have thus set up a top 10 of dishes to absolutely taste in the big cities of Europe.

The Top 03 or the best

  •  Sauerbraten: Prepare gently with slow cooking, this dish is a true tenderness in the mouth. To consume with red wine at the edge of a terrace, it is a true delight. Often served with a sweet grape sauce and dumplings, this dish is used in Germany, in most traditional restaurants in the country.
  •  Paella: Although popular all over the world, the authentic paella from Spain is characterized by its authenticity. Chicken or seafood is especially a dish to share with family or friends.
  •  Feijoada: A specialty of the Algavre region, this rustic bean stew dish is a culinary discovery that is unique in every way. Served in Portugal, to really enjoy it in its traditional pot of clay pots, go to the city of Faro.

Our favorites

  •  Mozzarella in carrozza: Cheesy lovers, this simple dish is nevertheless very tasty. Served in Naples, this simple mozzarella sandwich will make you fall in love with this typically Italian cheese.
  •  Filets de Perches: Freshly caught and cooked according to tradition, a day spent on Lake Geneva just to taste this specialty is well worth the effort.
  •  Blanquette de veau: In Paris, this dish is appreciated for its sweetness and its unique taste. Luxury dishes but still very sweet, the price is fully justified once the meat in the mouth.
  •  Kalix Löjrom: In Sweden, this dish can only be cooked by specialists. And you will only taste it in this country. For lunch as at dinner this dish is satiating, tasty and especially friendly.
  •  Pannenkoeken: Dutch Pancake, this typical Lat is enjoyed at breakfast but also in the middle of the day. And to taste, go to the traditional bakeries of the country.
  •  The Wiener Schnitzel - Viennese Escalope: Named after the Austrian capital, this dish is a national treasure for its inhabitants. It alone represents the finesse and unique taste of Austrian gastronomy.
  •  Shopska salad: Light and tasty, this is the only dish on the list that combines taste and lightness. This Bulgarian salad is very healthy and full of good things. And wherever you are in the country, the restaurants will have it on their card.

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